Moving hacks for the average Jane

We scoured the web looking for blog articles that give quick and easy advice for regular people who will be moving. We found lots of articles about moving but few had quick and simple steps you could do to help with your move. So here is sequential list of hacks you can do to make your move seamless.

o Ask friends to recommend a mover.

o Log on to Yelp and Google and search for “moving companies” in your city.

o Read as many reviews as possible.

o Look for at least five moving companies to compare

o Call each for a quote.

o Write down all of the quotes, and decide if price matters most.

o If price matters most, go with the cheapest company of the five.

o If quality matters most, go with movers that have the highest rating.

o Clean your home and organize to prepare for move day.

o Buy boxes from the home improvement store to save money.

o Pack yourself if you can.

o Call the babysitter and have them watch the kids on move day.

o Take pictures your items before they’re moved.

o Grab extra (cold) water as a kind gesture for the movers.

o Ask questions on move day.

o Have your new place ready for the movers.

o Prepare parking at the new place ahead of time.

o Tell your new neighbors that the truck will be there.

o Look to make sure your items are undamaged upon arrival.

o If everything checks out, leave a good review for the moving company.

o In the event of issues or furniture damage, please call the office ASAP.

The last tip is good for other’s who rely on reviews and good for the moving

company, which also relies a great deal on good reviews to bring in business. Print

this list out on move day and check off as you go to make your move great.

Amazing Movers of San Jose is there to help you every step of the way.