Call us. We will ask you questions about your move and you will pick a date. We will check for availability then confirm with you.
Moving is a complex process, but we take the stress and strain out of it for you. The first thing we do after booking is complete is prepare our moving staff (the people who will handle your belongings) with details about your move. The team leader prepares by prepping the truck with the necessary materials and equipment for the job. The lead will then call you about an hour before they arrive. When they arrive, they will begin work immediately. After everything is unloaded, the bill will be tendered and after payment a copy of the paperwork will be provided to the customer. We will follow up within a couple of days after the move to check to see how the move went.
That’s a great question. Preparing for your move can ensure everything is set up for the movers to work efficiently and effectively in a time friendly manner. Placing your small kids in childcare, taking the day off, cleaning the house, and providing water (not required) for the movers are all great ways to prepare for the big day. Also, ensure that you have ample time to take care of the move and can stay with the movers during the time it takes to finish. This will ensure that every piece goes exactly where you need it.
Yes, but please provide us with a 72-hour notice. We will do our best to fit you in on your desired date.
Paying for lunch is not required, but it is a nice gesture.
None. All of our charges are explicitly stated.
We conform to the California Public Utilities Commission standards for all moving companies in the state of California.