Relocating around San Francisco and Burlingame CA

San Francisco and Burlingame are a great places to live. The breweries, the restaurants, the Victorian homes that line the streets packed with residents and visitors on electric scooters, skateboards, and of course, in thousands of Ubers and Lyfts. There’s just no places like living here in San Francisco or Burlingame, but we would be remiss if we didn’t warn you about the potential pitfalls of ignoring some great advice that the movers at Amazing Movers has put together for you to help you before and on the move day.

• Arrange parking – parking can be a difficulty in San Francisco, San Mateo and some part of Burlingame, so with large trucks the problem is accentuated. Visit the city’s website on temporary signage to order for signs to be put in place that prohibits parking except for you and your moving vehicle(s) on the move day. (

• Talk to your neighbors and ask them if you can use their spot for on your moving day.

• Realize that parking tickets/violations are the responsibility of the customer.

• Arrange use of the building elevator – if you live in a building that requires an elevator to access high level floors, then it is imperative that you check with the building manager to ensure that the movers will be able to access the elevator on the day you wish to move. If the movers have to share the elevator with customers, the completion time may be significantly extended due to residents having priority over the movers in terms of who can ride it first. If there is not an elevator for a high level floor, stairs take considerable amount of time just to move a few items. Please make sure that you figure this out with the proper member of your building management team before your move date.

• Be considerate about heavy/bulky items being moved to high-level floors. If you have no choice then you have no choice, but you should keep in mind that due to the safety surrounding the movers, a bulky and heavy item being moved to a high elevation can take a lot of time and it can be exacerbated if the hallways around the stairs are narrow. There was once a customer who spent a great deal of time trying to move a bulky and heavy item to a high floor number, and she had to end up hiring extra people to try, and it still would not fit. There was nothing that could have been done to move that solid piece onto her preferred floor, and she discovered it hours after her request to move it (against the advice of the professional movers).

Help your professional moving process go smoothly by following the above advice. And of course, you can always call Amazing Movers 800-523-6090 with any questions you may have about moving or visit our website for more info

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