Convenient full storage service when moving

Convenient full storage service when moving

Have started a move and realized that you have too many things and need to leave them somewhere? Sometimes it happens in the middle of moving. And you must immediately decide what items you can live without by placing them into storage.

Amazing movers offers various storage solutions:

  • Emergency storage
  • short-term storage
  • long-term storage

All of them are fully based on your needs!

Why you may also need to keep your items in storage?

  • When there are too many things for which you have not found a place yet.
  • Spring\ seasonal cleaning.
  • You need storage between existing and new lease or settlement dates.
  • When you’re looking for a new place and have to stay with someone else.
  • Emergency storage when you have a last minute move and need to store your items, while you’re arranging your new place
  • When you need to leave the country, however, you know you will be back and want to keep some things until you arrive.
  • travel / work in another state or state for a long time

You can easily free space and mind from unnecessary things with our company’s storage services. We will pay a great attention to each item, pick it up and deliver it to the storage. You just have to devote time to important things. Moving with Amazing Movers is really easy! Just ask us to pick up and drop off your items when you need them and we will do that is the shortest possible time.  

What is full service storage?

Being a professional moving company, Amazing movers are ready to provide you with full storage service and best facilities.

According to, 35.5 million Americans move each year using full service provided by a professional moving company. This also works for storage service. Most people prefer companies with a full range of services to avoid the stressful situations!

Thus, there is no need to worry about your belongings and how to deliver them to the place of destination. Our best San Jose movers will arrive with the equipped truck, pack all your belongings and deliver them to our specialized warehouses. We guarantee that our storage employees will ensure the safety of your belongings until you decide to pick them up. We will deliver your belongings to the place you need at any time, just give us a call J

The full process of moving and storage services includes:

  • furniture disassembly;
  • furniture packaging;
  • packing property and office equipment into special packaging material;
  • drawing up an inventory list;
  • loading into the truck;
  • delivery of goods by our transport to the warehouse;
  • storage;
  • loading and delivery of goods on our transport to a new address;
  • unloading of cargo at a new address;
  • unpacking, if needed;
  • furniture assembly,if needed;
  • garbage collection after moving, per your request.

What is short-term and long-term storage?

Sometimes it is difficult to predict how long the move will take. In our company everyone will find a suitable option. We provide both short-term storage and long-term storage service. For those, who don’t know which one to choose, we will describe the both for you:

Short-term storage is more suitable for people who have just moved out of their apartment, but they are not ready yet to move into a new one. And also for those who want to go on a short trip. Short term storage usually lasts from 1 month minimum and up to 3-4 months. However, it is worth remembering that each item should be carefully packed to avoid damage. And if you don’t have time to deal with packaging, we can provide you with such type of service.

Long term storage is mostly used when you move from one state to another and don’t need all the stuff immediately. You found out that there are too many things in your house or you’ve decided to renovate so, for this reason, you need to place your belongings somewhere, you can choose long term storage. It usually lasts from 4 months to 1 year. If you want to do all the things by yourself, you should make sure that every item is carefully wrapped in a bubble wrap and cannot be damaged during transportation or loading and unloading. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about sending too many heavy items to the warehouse, all the items except for piano, safe and hot tube are included into the estimate.

Our storage facility

Our storage facility is fully owned and operated solely by our moving company. By giving you peace of mind we maintain its operation according to our strict standards.

All our Storage facilities are monitored around the clock by modern and up to date security systems. So you can relax, because your items are in safe hands. We maintain a clean and optimal environment for your belongings in short or long term storage. We respect our clients and are always happy when people come back to us for new services.

Why us?

We can proudly say that we are one of the best moving companies in San Jose because of our knowledge and attention to detail. At Amazing Movers, we understand that each thing of yours has a history that is why we always remember their special value and do our job with extreme care. We also offer a full service which is considering the value of your time. It is certainly saves you a lot of time that you can spend on your life. We offer Full Packing and Unpacking services.

We can guarantee that moving with us will be stress-free and at a great price. Even if you have a whole house to move or just a few things, we are always ready to find the price category that suits you well. And what is more, we serve any type of moving, do not hesitate, and contact us for services!

Are our services cheaper than moving on your own?

Our safekeeping services are much less expensive than organizing your own warehouse to store your property.

Our team

  • Selected and well trained

We have invested a lot of effort and money to create an ideal team of professionals in their field. We can say that they are the best of the best!

We train our employees to be attentive and promptly respond to the wishes of our customers. Our employees are well trained enough to ensure that you get the best experience with our company

  • Valued

We take great care of our team members. All our employees have health insurance and paid leave. Thus, each team member is ready to do their job with pleasure.

  • Trustworthy

Each member of our team is trained to take care of the details and knows how to handle one thing or another. After all, some things require special care during transportation. The things you love, are safe with us.

Frequently asked Questions

How much space do I need?

Just contact us by phone or through our web site and our specialists will help you estimate how much space you need. If on the day of your appointment, you use less or more space than originally quoted for, we’ll let you know and adjust your monthly rate accordingly.

Can I get only one thing from the Storage?

If you have a need for any stored item. You can always contact us at any time and we will deliver the thing you need in value and safety. The cost of this service must be specified.

Can I come and see how my things are kept?

Unfortunately, all of our storage facilities have NO public access. That is why all things are delivered to the storage and by our movers. This allows us to keep your belongings and things of our other clients safe and clean.

What if I decided to change storage location? Can I get my things?

It will be a great disappointment for us to have such a situation, and we would like you to leave us a feedback on why this situation has happened. This will make us better! However, if you wish, you can hire a team of movers who will pick up things from our warehouse and take them to another.

We are always ready to help you choose your type of storage and will do the rest for you! Store your belongings with Amazing movers – the best moving company in San Jose. If you are still in doubt, you can read the comments of our clients! They speak for themselves.

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