Packing is an important step in the process of moving. The packaging will protect things from damage during transportation. In addition, careful packaging will minimize the volume occupied in the truck.

Do not spare money on packaging, as the safety of your things depends on their quality. Remember, secure packaging is the key to a successful move.

If reliable packaging is the main guarantor of the safety of the property when moving, then mistakes in the choice of packaging materials are one of the most dangerous. There are so many types of boxes, films, bags on sale now. Everyone who plans to move should figure out in advance what types of packaging exist, what they are suitable for, and what features need to be paid close attention to while selecting packing supplies. Today All in Moving Systems will tell you about 5 moving supplies without which you cannot pack your belongings efficiently.

  1. Boxes

Cardboard boxes are the main attribute of any move! They are suitable for books and dishes, as well as clothes and children’s toys.

The hardest part is calculating the approximate number of boxes you will need. If you are not going to use the services and advice of professionals, but want to start calculating and buying boxes yourself, we advise you to multiply the number of boxes you need by two, because often in the middle of the packaging process it turns out that there are not enough boxes … Also, for a more convenient and accurate calculation, you can use an online moving box calculator.

What is important?

The most common mistake associated with the choice of boxes is their size. Very often people choose the largest possible boxes. It is wrong! The optimal weight of the filled box is under 50 lb. Otherwise, it will be difficult to carry the boxes, and the bottom may not withstand excessive load. Therefore, we recommend purchasing boxes of medium and small size. Also, you do not need to purchase all the available box configurations, as they will be inconvenient to place in the truck. Two kinds will be enough.

  • The strength of the box.

Here you need to pay attention to the density of the box. Products made of thin cardboard cannot withstand heavy loads and seriously ruin your move. We recommend choosing boxes made of corrugated cardboard of three-layer. In addition, be sure to check the joints and gluing of the sidewalls for strength.

If you properly pack and mark cardboard boxes when moving, all things will reach your new place of residence safe and sound, and finding the necessary clothes, dishes or other items quickly will not be difficult and will save you a lot of valuable time.

Basic rules for packing boxes:

  1. Get rid of unnecessary things that you do not need in a new place or that you have not used for a long time. This is especially true for kitchen utensils, clothes, and even cosmetics.
  2. Arrange items by frequency of use, so that it is clearer with which boxes to start unpacking.
  3. Do not stack items in a large box. Organize them by room, purpose, or any other criteria.
  4. Fold the belongings of all family members separately – this also greatly simplifies unpacking.
  5. Sign and label each box, use colored stickers and other markings. Make a list, duplicate all entries and mark everything in the same way during unpacking. So at a new place, you will know where is your favorite dress and not find yourself in chaos from boxes with unknown contents.
  6. Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap is very important because you can wrap an object of any shape in it. It is very pliable and does not allow moisture to pass through. Sofas, ottomans, chairs, and dressers with drawers can be wrapped in plastic wrap when moving. It is used for wood, plastic, metal items. Using it, you will easily protect furniture and other items from getting wet, dirty, and “light” mechanical damage such as “rubbing” when touching different pieces of furniture in the truck during transportation. The plastic wrap will securely lock pull-out elements – for example, drawers at a curbstone.

What you should pay attention to?

  • Density. Our recommended values ​​are 17-20 microns. Denser films are more expensive, but budget ones may appear to be too thin and you will have to use them more (additional 2-3 layers). This will increase not only the cost of packaging but also your working time.
  • Winding – the amount of film on the roll. Always pay attention to this indicator, because in fact, you are not buying rolls, but meters of packaging material.

ATTENTION! Do not pack porcelain, glass, ceramics, and other fragile materials in plastic wrap. It is quite dangerous. We recommend using bubble wrap for more fragile items. Plastic film will protect fragile objects from dust and moisture only. It will not provide shock absorption and protection from mechanical damage.

Your electronics should also be wrapped in bubble wrap to protect them in case of an impact during loading. You should also pay attention to its density. Here are the metrics to guide you. The film should be three-layer with a bubble layer thickness of at least 0,16 inches. The thinner bubble wrap will have to be used in 2-3 layers to provide proper protection for your property.

  1. Carpet Protection Film

In the process of moving, your carpets can get serious damage. To avoid troubles, there is an inexpensive and effective option to protect your flooring when moving. This is a protective film!

The main purpose of the film for carpets is to protect against dirt and mechanical damage during moving. Such a film is specially designed to adhere to rough surfaces, it will save the carpet from negative external influences. The practice has shown that the use of a protective film gives the maximum effect in terms of the safety of carpets.

Protecting carpets during a move should not be relegated to the last plan; a good owner must take care of the interior elements loved by the whole family. Preparing for the move, it is enough to cover the entire floor with a film and fix it, then the probability of damage to the interior is reduced to zero. The adhesive will firmly hold the surface of the carpet. The protective film must cover the carpet during the entire move.

The film is made from high-quality three-layer polyethylene obtained as a result of high pressure. Innovative technologies have significantly simplified the film production process compared to the past. The latest equipment regulates and controls all stages of the production process, minimizing time and material costs. The result is a product of impeccable quality. Due to the water-based acrylic glue, the film has high stickiness, after moving it will easily peel off without leaving the slightest trace on the carpet or furniture.

  1. Packing tape

Packing tape is needed to seal the boxes after you put things in them. But there are 2 non-obvious life hacks with the adhesive tape that will help make the move easier.

  1. When there are several people in a family, there are usually too many things. Buy some colored duct tape to wrap the boxes of each family member’s belongings in a specific color. So you will immediately understand which room to carry the box too, even without marking.
  2. The second idea of ​​how to use adhesive tape is to additionally glue the joints at the bottom of the box with it. Additional bottom protection is especially important for heavy boxes so that they do not burst during loading. Be sure to glue the bottom of the container in which you will transport fragile items (glass, dishes) and heavy items (many books, for example).
  3. Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are rightfully one of the most convenient and versatile packaging materials. They are very often used by professional moving companies. But this does not mean that they are difficult to use, even a person who is not at all experienced in moving a person can handle them without any problems.

The main function of moving blankets is to protect furniture and other items from damage during carrying and transportation. In most cases, they are made from a durable polyester/cotton blend. Sometimes microfiber, wool, or burlap are used for their manufacture.

Usually, there are 12 moving blankets in one pack, but you can also buy them one at a time. Moving blankets are generally available in two main sizes: medium (72 ″ x 54 ″) and large (72 ″ x 80 ″). Moving blankets are quite expensive. However, it is super profitable to use them. Reusability is their main advantage! Can’t figure out how to use bubble wrap correctly? Buy Moving Blankets! They can easily replace any wraps, can be easily washed in the washing machine, after which they can be used again and again. With bubble wrap, this will not work 🙁

There are two main types of moving blankets. They vary in density.

  1. Thick blankets

They are also called premium. These are the ones that are used in professional moving. As a rule, they are made of quilted material, so they are much heavier in weight than the second type.

  1. Thin blankets

They can also be called economical. They are usually made of non-woven material which makes them lighter in weight compared to premium moving blankets. Of course, many people are attracted by their low price but be careful, as they will not always be able to provide the necessary protection for your items.

By the way, Amazing Movers provides moving blankets for rent for each client for freeJ

Moving is easy

This is not a joke, for us moving is really easy as we do it every day. We are always happy to assist with moving within California and neighboring states. Amazing Movers know how to pack things compactly. Our movers have professional packaging skills, they use the most reliable packaging materials, carefully disassemble and fold things, quickly load furniture. They are also friendly and always ready to help. Even if you did not have time to disassemble or pack something, they will prompt and help you solve any force majeure. Thus, you can order our moving service in the all included format.

When it comes to moving, time is the most important thing for many people. And packing things can slow down the process the most, taking several days. Our movers will pack and transport your things in one day: even from scratch because they are not just movers, but a team of professionals who know everything about packing things and have already repeatedly carried out urgent moves!

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