Moving your office? 5 tips on how to succeed

During an office move, the level of stress is very high for both the owners and the staff. You have to worry about what to do and how to do it in the shortest period of time. And the staff is trying to have work done amid ballyhoo and distractions. The loss of productivity can lead to missed deadlines and bad client relationships. You shouldn’t admit such issues. In this case it is really very important to have a plan. Another important thing for you to remember is to start your planning ahead of time. Ideally, try to start doing this 3-6 months before your moving date (depends on how big your office is). Here are some tips you can follow to avoid difficulties and confusion when organizing a commercial move: 

  • Determine who is going to be in charge of your move. Whether it is a professional moving company or your business team. You should analyze all the pros and cons of each choice. Relocating requires the understanding of the whole picture of your business, as it is closely connected with the company’s image, productivity, and your budget. Also it would be better for you to have a point person being in charge to navigate the process.

  • Set your moving budget to help prevent overspending. Start getting estimates from different moving companies to find out the best possible services and value for money. Don’t forget about moving insurance. The perfect option is to have complete value protection. It can help and protect you in the case some incident should it occur during a move.

  • Once you have confirmed the moving date, notify your property manager, staff and local partners about your future plans. Send out an announcement to your team members to keep them in the loop about all of the changes: the moving date, new office address and everyone’s zone of responsibility. Create a detailed moving day plan for your staff to follow. Maintaining the communication and awareness is essential for a successful office move. 

  • Start your moving preparations. Consult with furniture companies, designers and IT-managers on the matter of improving and the ways of decorating your new space. Create an inventory list and create a floor plan of your new office and send it to your movers. Hire packing specialists or start wrapping your office items by yourself. Adhere labels to all the boxes, so when unwrapping things will be much easier. Plan to move non-essential items first, and after that more important items can be processed. 

  • Talk to your building manager to see if you have to clean your old space after the move. If you have to leave your old office cleaned, arrange for cleaning services ahead of time. Some moving companies provide cleaning services for an extra charge. 

    Congratulations, you did it! All your office moving preparations are finished and you are ready for some stress-free relocation. And the last responsible step depends on the movers you have chosen to work with. Office moving can be a challenge for you but not for our moving team! If you are a team of experienced professionals, this is what you do. This is our job, and we can do it very well. Our aim is to provide you with a calm and stress-free office move in the shortest time possible. Your business is in our safe hands! Join us today!

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