What if your stuff is lost or broken during a move?

Are you planning on moving soon? You are not alone! Did you know that more than 35.5 million Americans move each year? Everyone has their own reason for relocating, and everyone wants to be provided with the best moving experience, stress free and claim free. No one wants to face difficulties, damages or losses. Unfortunately, they do happen sometimes, so it is important that you know how to act and what steps to make first of all. So, if one time you find yourself with the words “movers damaged my stuff…”, be prepared to follow the next instructions, which can help you to resolve everything in a short time:
  1. Negotiate with your moving company, if you are sure it is their fault, and you know you have good insurance.
  2. Take pictures ahead of time. It is very helpful to make a full inventory list of all your stuff before a move. Examine your furniture, doors, window frames and floor before the relocating and take photos or videos of their condition. If damages occur, you will have proof that your items were without any damages prior to the move.
  3. As soon as you notice any damage, take pictures and estimate the value of the broken items. Contact your moving company to notify about the incident. Reputable companies will do their best to resolve the situation in a short time. They may also want to see your damaged stuff. If we speak about the lost items, you should use the pictures as the evidence. If you have no photos, describe the lost items in details.
  4. Keep damaged items until the inspector can examine them. Usually, the specialist should be sent out by your moving company in purpose to analyze the damages and do all necessary paperwork. If you are dealing with any hazardous broken pieces of glass, wires or sharp damaged plastic details, clean up everything and isolate in a special box or area, so that they can’t do any harm to your family or pets. Even if an adjuster has already inspected your damaged stuff, don’t move or throw away anything until your claim will be fully covered.
  5. File the claim in writing or in the electronic form. Nowadays, many moving companies have the option to file an electronic claim if any damages or losses occur. It can help you to save your time, which is really very important. Remember that your claim must be field within nine months after the delivery.
  6. Review your contract with the moving company very carefully. It includes key information about the liability insurance you have registered for. If you have chosen the additional coverage through your movers, you should receive more than just a standard reimbursement – $0.60 per pound.
  7. The law states, the moving company has 30 days to respond to your claim. And within 120 days of receiving the claim from the customer, the movers must deny it or pay for it. It will not be easier to deny your claim if you have all proofs, like pictures and “before” inventory list of your belongings.
Keep calm and carry on following the steps above, and you will be surprised how easily you can resolve the situation with any damages or losses with the movers. Enjoy you day and your move!
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