Change of address when moving

Change of address when moving

According to US Census Bureau, Americans move on average 11.7 times in their lifetime… Is now one of this 11.7 times in your life? Then you should remember that moving is not only about preparing packing materials, renting workers and a truck. Even if you have hired a professional moving company, you should not relax, because there are things that only you can take care of. For example, notify relatives, services, and some authorities about changing your address. Of course, it is better to do this as early as possible, so that later you do not face such problems as unpaid bills, absence of electricity and so on.

Are you not sure where to start? Here we have made a list of the main people who should definitely know about changing your place of residence!

Post office

1. Of course post office! You need to start with it because otherwise, all your letters will come to the old address. And the redirection can take up to 12 months. It is very easy to notify the post office about the move now. You can change the address online and even set a start date. We advise you to do this at least 10 days before moving, because changing of address, typically, takes approximately 7 business days.

2. Utilities

Take care of gas and electricity first. Make the transfer of electrical service as soon as you know your new address. Otherwise, you risk being left without heat and electricity for several days. Try to make sure that the electricity in your old residence is turned off at the end of the day of the move, and on the new one on the evening before the move, or on the day of the move in the morning. Then you won’t have to move around your new home in the dark.

Don’t forget about the internet and your phone. Contact your phone and internet service provider and give them the updated address so they know where to send your invoices now.

In some cases, you also need to notify the waste disposal company, water department, and sewerage company.

3. Financial services

Of course, your bank and the credit card issuer should know about the change of address. You can change the address online, in some cases. For more information, you should contact your bank specifically.

In addition, you should change your address in the various loyalty programs, if you have such.

It is important for students to keep their loan providers in mind. They should also be notified of the change of address so that they don’t miss you.

4. Online services

Take care of changing your address on such popular services like Amazon and eBay. Do not forget about other online stores where you shop very often. We advise you to change the address at an early stage because you can easily forget about it later and problems with deliveries, etc., could not be avoided.

5. Insurance

You should also report the change of address to companies that provide you with health, car or home insurance, and so on. If you have federal health insurance, you can find detailed instructions on changing your address at

6. Memberships

All clubs and organizations in which you are a member should also know your new address so that they can easily contact you at any time.

7. Personal service providers

These may include a dentist or veterinarian. They need to be aware of your address change in order to bill you and send you letters. It may be that they will no longer be able to assist you if you move quite far away. All this you should discuss specifically with them.

8. Your Social Security Administration

You also need to notify the SSA of the move, if you receive any benefits from it. This can usually be done online or by phone.

9. Tax Agencies

First of all, you need to report the change of address to the federal tax agency. For this, there is a special form from the Internal Revenue Service. The only thing you need to do is fill it out. Moreover, do not forget about your state’s specific tax agency. In most states, this can also be done online. Just go to your state’s website and check.

10. Friends and family

Remember about them too! It’s very easy today. You don’t need to send out change of address cards or call everyone personally … You can just create a template email and send it to friends and family in a few minutes.

Of course, you need a lot of time to change your address, but it is better to take care of this in advance than spend even more time later solving problems that may arise due to the fact that you did not notify the required services in time. If you change your address at the bank, you need to immediately change it in all stores and services that take money from your bank account. Changing the address everywhere and at once is difficult, but even more difficult is to track down lost items.

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