Transportation of furniture is an art!

Do you think that furniture is very easy to transport? Then you probably never tried to cope with this task yourself. This is the art, about which we will tell you in this article!

The very first stage is preparation. First you need to calculate how many items you are going to transport, and then choose the appropriate packaging material for each item. Many people think that this is very simple, but it’s far from it. Just remember all the furniture stored in your home or office! These are tables, and chairs, and soft sofas, and dressers, and wardrobes, and bedside tables, and many other little things. And all this property must not only be calculated, but also measured, and also determined what each item consists of! This is necessary in order to know how much and what kind of packaging to buy, because for wood products you need one material, and for soft chairs – absolutely different.

The preparation stage includes the release of numerous shelves from books, clothes and commemorative trinkets. In addition, you should disassemble all the furniture into separate components. Do not forget to draw up a diagram at the same time, so that when all the things need to be returned to their original state, this process could go faster. If you think this is all you need to do,you are wrong! In fact, you still need to separate all the small parts (table handles, nuts, decorative objects, etc.) from the main structures, isolate the glass and mirror elements (for example, shelves), lay them separately, purchase the necessary packaging, and also order a car suitable for transporting furniture and determine the most convenient route. And this is just a preparation!

The next step is directly packaging. At first glance, nothing complicated: take the material and wrap it around each item individually. But you need to stack objects so that they are protected as high as possible, which means that they will not be able to cope with the task very quickly. Firstly, you have to remember what kind of packaging is intended for, and only then proceed directly to the process. And be sure to be prepared for the fact that some material may be in excess, and some – not enough. Therefore, you will have to urgently go to the market to make up for the shortcoming. In addition, you should decide in the beginning how much time you have to spend.

When you finally finish with the second stage, the turn of the third will come – loading. Sure, its complexity does not consist in correctly calculating something or carefully wrapping each thing. Its main difficulty is in hard physical work. It’s great if everyone in your family has good physical form and is able to drag a bunch of boxes. But if not, then you will have certain difficulties. After all, furniture weighs a lot, and to find people who will carry all things carefully (if they are not movers, professionals, of course) is quite problematic.

Did you cope with this task? Well done! Now you can relax a bit while the driver of the ordered car performs the next step – transportation. But even in this case, you can relax only when you are confident in the person to whom you trust your property.

After you unpack the furniture, you need to assemble it. The scheme that we talked about at the beginning of this article will help you. But even with her everything can be far from as simple as you think. After all, all these bolts and nuts are so similar, and there are so many. Amazing Movers Company was created to give a really professional help on each stage of a move. Call us and enjoy your move!

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